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Silica Gel Molding Rapid Prototyping

Silica Gel is becoming more and more popular due to its good environmental performance.Silica Gel mold is one of the ways to make prototype in low volume production.We provide one stop and cost-effective CNC Precision Machining, Silicone  Mold and Vacuum casting, 3D printing (SLA/SLS/DLP),  Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototype and Surface Finishing, Parts Assembling. Over more than 10 years engaged in this field, we've done tens of thousands of different prototypes. Most our customers are from industry such as consumer electronics, home appliance, toys, gifs, lighting, teleconmunication, medical etc.

Silicone Molding & Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting or silicone molding technology uses a model produced by CNC machining or 3D printing to put the silicone mold in a vacuum state. And use the PU material to fill the silicone cavity in a vacuum to form the exact same model as the prototype. Due to its fast turnaround, low cost, vacuum casting or silicon molding can greatly reduce product development costs, cycles and risks.
Silicone mold materials are: silicone, imported silicone
Filling materials used: domestic and imported PU, POM, ABS, PP, PC high temperature ABS.

Silica Gel Molding Rapid Prototyping Project Case

Demonstrating our prototype service capabilities, some of the silicone prototypes we made earlier. Our drawings or product prototypes are confidential or not sold to third parties.

Silicone Earphone Case

Edge Protection Case

Silicone Watch Strap

Custom Silicone Box

Car Remote Control Button

Player Buttons

Rubber Band

Calculator keys

Silicone Molding Method Comparison

Prototyping Method

Description-Silicone Materials

Speed Time


Approximation to production


Injection molding; mold materials limited to metals

Tooling and parts
10-17 days

Fastest cycle, high repeatability, lower part cost at higher volumes

High-the part will be silicone and the hardness tester will be accurate

LSA 3Dprinting

The part is formed layer by layer from raw material

No tooling required
1-25 parts – 1-2 days
25+ parts – Multiple days

Better quality compared to casting. Can be dimensionally correct. Surface Finish is achievable

Low-Higher cost and more time than casting


Pourable materials at room temperature, typically RTV

Tooling needs to be machined

Quick, communicates concepts

Medium-part will be silicone and the hardness tester will be accurate

By partnering with QC Mold, you will get access to design for manufacturing  expertise coupled with that fast prototype delivery that you need.

Silicone Prototypes And Short Run Parts

QC produces prototype or short-term silicone (LSR) parts with rapid prototyping and cavity components. Usually, we can complete a simple delivery in 3-7 weeks. Minimizing the customer's mold payment is an important part of our product development.The full-time working atmosphere of the employees and the good mold shop enable us to provide fast turning tool steel core and cavity groups and mold modifications for short-term or prototype projects.

CNC machining
CNC machining technology is our area of expertise. The thickness or cross-sectional area of the part that meets the customer's requirements is cut by a specific lathe.

Pressure Die Casting

We offer die cast tooling and squeeze cast tooling design, engineering, and production tooling for advanced manufacturing processes for complex, high-performance products. Our die cast tooling solutions include tooling for precision aluminum and magnesium castings for complex products such as wheels, brake drums, and suspension components.

Injection Molding

At QC mold , with orders of more than 100 parts, we will consider Quick Turn Tooling, Injection Molding for plastics and Die Casting for metals. Materials could be plastics and metals.For rapid tooling, we can typically be 30-50% cheaper than full production tooling, with a 40-60% reduction in lead-time compared to traditional moulds.

Advantages And Benefits of Using Silicone Molding
QC Mold has a custom liquid silicone rubber molding rapid prototyping service that allows you to quickly receive a quote.

Flexible and resilient
Efficient silicone molding process
No taste or smell

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