Silica Gel Protective Case

Silica Gel Protective Case, also known as Silicon Rubber Sleeve, Silicone rubber case & Silicone Sheath, which are generally made from silicone rubber with soft 、elastic features.There are used for protecting electronic digital products, and prevent accidental falls or abrasion.

Silica Gel Protective  Plastic  Case Display

At QC Mold, we can customize the silicone protective shell products that customers want according to the requirements of the drawings. This type of product is used for various instrument housings, TV remote control housings, mechanical remote control housing parts, etc. We provide one stop and cost-effective CNC Precision Machining, Silicone Mold and Vacuum casting, 3D printing (SLA / SLS / DLP), Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototype and Surface Finishing, Parts Assembling.

Color protective sleeve

Product Description:
1) Material: PC and silicone
2) Color: pink, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange, etc.

Silicone Rubber Housing Protective Cover Feature & Function

Silicon Rubber cases' main function is to protect the surface of the electronic digital products from scratch, dirt, etc.
1. Silicone Cases can prevent hard objects leave scratches on the surface of products.
2. Silicone Protective Cover can be printed with all sorts of design and color, to make the products' appearance more beautiful and generous.
3. Silica gel Sleeve have anti-slippery effect with good tactility.
4. Silicone Sheath is soft and elastic, can be completely put on the machine without affect the machine's operation.

Silica Gel Protective Case Production Process
Silica gel case uses high temperature vulcanized rubber as the main raw material and produced by compression molding then moulding vulcanization:

1. Silicone raw materials' preparation: it includes raw rubber mixing, color of improvement, calculate the weight of raw material, etc.
2. Mold forming: Make a mold of silicone rubber sleeve, then make a preliminary already molding silicone rubber case by the silicone mold.
3. Silicone protective covers' trimming: because during the molding process, there will be some raw edge stick on products, so need to remove them by hand.
4. Silk Screen printing process: Silk screen printing is made for the silicone sleeves' surface, which means to add some patterns or characters, to make the user easy to use, also can the products more beautiful.
5. Surface treatment: Matte Smooth coating (Oil Coating) can make the silicone sleeve have a better tactility.

CNC machining
CNC machining technology is our area of expertise. The thickness or cross-sectional area of the part that meets the customer's requirements is cut by a specific lathe.

Pressure Die Casting

We offer die cast tooling and squeeze cast tooling design, engineering, and production tooling for advanced manufacturing processes for complex, high-performance products. Our die cast tooling solutions include tooling for precision aluminum and magnesium castings for complex products such as wheels, brake drums, and suspension components.

Injection Molding

At QC mold , with orders of more than 100 parts, we will consider Quick Turn Tooling, Injection Molding for plastics and Die Casting for metals. Materials could be plastics and metals.For rapid tooling, we can typically be 30-50% cheaper than full production tooling, with a 40-60% reduction in lead-time compared to traditional moulds.

Advantages And Benefits of Using Silica Gel Protective Case
1. Precision Silicone Rubber Compression Mold-making Technology
2. Precision Silicone Rubber Industry.  Smart Cellphone Parts, Medical Parts.
3. precision silicone rubber compression parts size tolerance can up to +/-0.01mm
4. Liquid silicone rubber injection mold and production.

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